Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Paintings in the Xmas exhibition at the Frances Keevil Gallery

My Barangaroo paintings for sale -
Open until Friday 24th December 2010
Stormclouds over the wharf 2007 oil painting on canvas 61 x 91cm.
The last of the cranes of East Darling Harbour. All three were formerly painted red. During the last operational month of Darling Harbour in September 2007, they were painted yellow and placed on the barge, the 'Seatow', escorted by the tug 'Koronui', and floated down to Port Kembla.
'The empty wharf' 2007 oil painting on canvas 61x 91cm
This painting of the wharf after the stevedores left in October 2007 has an eerie classical calm - a cross between the haunted plazas of de Chirico and Jeffrey Smart's  primary coloured geometric constructions. The Harbour Control Tower joins the procession of power poles as though they were a row of Doric columns in an ancient Greek or Roman temple.

Frances Keevil Gallery:
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