The Last of the Hungry Mile- The Last Ships

Last call of the Tampa
"The last call of the 'Tampa' docking at East Darling Harbour" 2007 
oil on canvas 31 x 103 cm

The Australian Maritime Museum, Pyrmont is on the left.
This painting shows the "Tampa" docking for the last time at the Hungry Mile, September 27, 2007.
See my earlier painting of the 'Tampa", painted nearly 15 years before at my Barangaroo from Pyrmont  page in this blog.

"The Last call of the 'Tampa'" 2007  oil painting on canvas 102 x 76cm   SOLD

"North Sydney from the Bridge of the 'Tampa'" 2007 oil on canvas 122 x 51cm SOLD

The Last Cruise Ships

"The 'Scholarship' docked at Shed 3, with the Sydney Harbour Bridge" 2007   
oil painting on canvas 31 x 103cm 

One of the last cruise ships to dock at the north end of Barangaroo.

Trains, Cranes and Ships

A couple of months after the exodus of the wharfies, I held a major solo exhibition about my paintings of the last years of the East Darling Harbour Wharves. It was an exhibition on a grand scale,  comprising 110 paintings hung in 3 large rooms, the Annie Wyatt room, the boardroom and the foyer at the Sydney headquarters of the National Trust (NSW) on Observatory Hill.

View article on 'Trains, Cranes and Ships' on National Trust website

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