Moore's Wharf

Barangaroo : Moore's Wharf
"Moore's Wharf painted from the bridge of the 'Scholarship' docked at Shed 3" 2007
oil painting on canvas 25 x 51cm 
An unusual view of the Sydney Ports Corporation offices in the charming heritage sandstone building Moore's Wharf. It was painted from the bridge of one of the last cruise ships to dock at the north end of Barangaroo.

The inner city suburbs of Millers Point and Barangaroo.  Moore's Wharf, the Operational Headquarters of the Sydney Ports Corporation to the left and the Palisade Hotel on the horizon to the right are in Millers Point. The Sydney Harbour Control Tower and the city's former port facilities, which are soon to be redeveloped, were formerly part of Millers Point but are now part of the new suburb known as Barangaroo. 
 Moore’s Wharf on Walsh Bay at Millers Point was established in the 1830 by Henry Moore, the first Australian P&O agent. The sandstone warehouse designed by William Long was built by convict labour with stone quarried on site. Moore bought the wharf and accompanying building from Long in 1837. It was originally located 100 metres to the west but in 1978 was moved, stone by stone, to its present location when it became the Operational Headquarters of the Sydney Ports Corporation. The  Emergency Response vessels such as the 'Ted Noffs' moored at Moore's Wharf are used by Sydney Ports Corporation on Sydney Harbour.
'The 'Emerald Queen' passing Blues Pt from top of Harbour Tower' 2006 
oil painting on canvas 61 x 91cm 

This bird's eye view of the Harbour was painted from the Harbour Control Tower. 2 of the three cranes are standing as idle as a pair of bookends outside Shed 3, which has now been demolished. The Walsh Bay Wharves, some of which were still being renovated, cascade towards Moore's Wharf from the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background. The 'Emerald Queen', an oil tanker being escorted by tugs to Gore Bay, appears as small as a bath toy.
The Sydney Harbour Control Tower was a wonderful aerial vantage point to observe Moore's wharf and the Emergency Response vessels.

'The 'Forum Samoa' with tugs, from the top of the Harbour Control Tower'2007 
gouache on paper 75 x 100cm
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