Tuesday, October 25, 2011


  1. (verb) To transform into some other person or thing, as by magic; convert or transform in general.
  2. To completely alter the form of. 
'Transmogrify' was coined around the 1650s, and is perhaps a combination of 'transmigrate,' pass from one country or jurisdiction to another; to pass from one body into another; to cause to pass or migrate from one region or state of existence to another; and 'modify,' to change the properties, form, or function of
Starting painting  "Panorama of Moore's Wharf and ships" oil on canvas 25 x 152cm
This canvas was started on 2 August 2011, but has been through quite a number of permutations and still isn't finished. I wanted a record of the hidden side, the working side of this lovely heritage sandstone building, and I kept changing my mind about what to include or leave out. So buildings, boats and trucks got painted in and out dozens of times. It's been quite a wrestling match between me, the surroundings, the workers and the canvas!
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  1. "Excellent display of aspects of art, this is a wonderful masterpiece!"

  2. Thank you for your kind comments!
    This painting has at times tested my endurance, but it has helped me learn so much about the fascinating things that are happening at Moore's Wharf. I've painted Moore's Wharf before, but from the outside, looking in, so that the work that goes on there was hidden behind the building. This was one of my first attempts to paint the insider's view.
    Since this post, I've added even more complex details, as the workers started to clean the booms and started to spread a line of these out so close to my easel that I nearly trod on them! So now this painting also has a twisting line of vermilion and black curving its way from the crane in the centre midground to the far right foreground.
    I never know what to expect in front of me when I paint at Moore's Wharf,but these experiences have certainly sharpened my reflexes!