Tuesday, October 25, 2011


  1. (verb) To transform into some other person or thing, as by magic; convert or transform in general.
  2. To completely alter the form of. 
'Transmogrify' was coined around the 1650s, and is perhaps a combination of 'transmigrate,' pass from one country or jurisdiction to another; to pass from one body into another; to cause to pass or migrate from one region or state of existence to another; and 'modify,' to change the properties, form, or function of
Starting painting  "Panorama of Moore's Wharf and ships" oil on canvas 25 x 152cm
This canvas was started on 2 August 2011, but has been through quite a number of permutations and still isn't finished. I wanted a record of the hidden side, the working side of this lovely heritage sandstone building, and I kept changing my mind about what to include or leave out. So buildings, boats and trucks got painted in and out dozens of times. It's been quite a wrestling match between me, the surroundings, the workers and the canvas!
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Monday, October 17, 2011


  1. A stalemate
  2. Warfare marked by a lack of aggression or progress.
  3. inaction, doing little or nothing
  4. phoney war


Coined on the model of blitzkrieg : German Sitz, act of sitting; see sitz bath + German Krieg, war; see blitzkrieg.

 For almost a year there has been an eerie paralysis at Barangaroo. After the last wharf was demolished, the excavators went home.
Nothing much has been happening. Just waiting.
Waiting for court challenges to be resolved, waiting for a change of government, waiting for a "short, sharp" review of the project.
Now the phoney war is over.
The calm before the storm has ended. 
The demolition has finished. Barangaroo has begun.
LendLease has started deep excavation at the southern end.The excavators have reawakened from their hibernation, and the first crane has arrived.
At the northern end, a ziggurat of sandstone blocks has appeared. Sheets of black plastic cover the holes in the ground from where they have been extracted.  The quantity of high quality yellowblock here could refurbish every heritage sandstone building from Macquarie Street to Sydney University, but that won't be its fate. It is doomed to become the Barangaroo Headland Park. Quarrying beautiful yellowblock sandstone, only to cover it with grass or throw it in the water - it's a crying shame.
North Barangaroo Headland Park from my studio in the loft at Moore's Wharf
Painting of "North Barangaroo Headland Park from my studio in the loft at Moore's Wharf "31 x 61cm oil on canvas 2011
"The North Barangaroo Headland Park painted  from my studio in the loft at Moore's Wharf "31 x 61cm oil on canvas 2011
And the sinister blue border line wiggles ever closer to Moore's Wharf, home of Sydney Ports Corporation's Emergency Response Tugs.
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